Sion Your stay

All hospital staff members are bound to maintain confidentiality. Our healthcare staff will do everything in their power to provide you with quality care. Please do not hesitate to contact the attendant nurse on your ward for any information.

If you wish to move around within the hospital, please inform the healthcare staff about where you are going so that you can be reached (medical visit, tests).

Your child’s stay

Visits to the paediatric unit are free and parents who wish to do so can stay, as far as is possible, with their child during his/her hospitalisation. The medical and nursing team is extremely focussed on managing pain and ensures that patients benefit from numerous painkilling techniques.

A teacher is available to ensure that children of school age do not fall too far behind during their stay in hospital.

The ‘Théodora’ foundation (clown shows in hospitals), and associations such as ‘Les Pinceaux Magiques’ (painting on silk) and ‘Le Chariot Magique’ (games) regularly visit our younger patients in order to distract them and liven up their day.

Information concerning your stay

  • Room

    If you are insured for treatment on the public ward, you will be accommodated in a two-bed room with a sink, shower and toilet. A movable screen ensures that each patient can have the privacy he/she needs or desires. You will be provided with a radio and with a telephone with a direct line out (prepaid card) and with Internet access, usable for a small fee.

    It is possible to be accommodated in a single room if you provide an advance supplementary payment. However, single rooms are allocated as a priority to patients who are insured for treatment on the private or semi-private ward.

    If you are insured for treatment on the private ward, you will be accommodated in a one-bed room with a sink, shower and toilet. You will be provided with a radio, a television and a telephone with a direct line out (prepaid card), with Internet access (usable for a small fee) and with various room services.

    If you are insured for treatment on the semi-private ward, you will be accommodated in a room with another semi-private patient, or alone if you pay the fee for a single room. You will benefit from the same level of comfort and the same room services as on the private ward.

  • Multimedia


    A headset is at your disposal, allowing you to listen to available programmes.


    There is a television in the lounge of most wards. You may rent a television by contacting reception, after having obtained the consent of the nurse responsible. The rental fee is payable to reception before you leave. Televisions are installed in the rooms on the private ward.
    Please show consideration for your roommate’s need to rest and for their general well-being (volume level, resting times).


    Each patient is provided with his/her own landline telephone with a direct phone number. It works with a prepaid card which will be provided to you together with a set of instructions. You may be called directly in your room from 07:00 to 21:00.
    There are telephone boxes in the entrance hall, close to the post office.
    Use of mobile telephones is tolerated during your stay in hospital, unless the healthcare team advises against it. Mobile telephones are however prohibited in intensive care, in acute care, in the cardiology department and in medico-technical areas.


    A PC with Internet access is available in the cafeteria. You will be charged a small fee for this service.
    Internet access in your room is available at the rate of Fr. 10 a day (unlimited access). Provision of the following material:

    • Laptop pack: laptop + USB Modem key + power cord + extension
    • USB Modem key

    You should make your request/booking at reception, where you will be provided with the equipment, together with the ‘Terms and Conditions of Use’ document, which must be signed and returned to reception.

  • Services


    Mail is delivered once a day in the morning.

    Newspapers are available in the cafeteria and in the care units. You can receive your own newspaper by forwarding your subscription.

    Post Office

    A mailbox is available in the entrance hall.

    Bank - ATM

    An ATM is available in the entrance hall.


    In the entrance hall, a kiosk offers newspapers, magazines, various sweets, and toiletries.

    Opening hours:
    Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
    Saturday closed, Sunday and holidays from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
    Telephone: 027 322 46 76


    Next to the kiosk, you will find a florist who can help you choose a bouquet or arrangement. For hygiene reasons, only cut flowers are allowed in the rooms. Flowers are not accepted in intensive care and continuous care units.

    Opening hours:
    Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 7:30 PM
    Saturday, Sunday, and holidays from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
    Telephone: 027 322 46 76

    Hair Salon

    The hair salon is located in the entrance hall, behind the kiosk (entrance through the cafeteria). You can make an appointment by phone. If needed, in-room services are available.

    Opening hours:
    Tuesday, Thursday from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM
    Friday from 8:30 AM to 1:30 PM
    Telephone: 027 603 40 96

  • Cafeteria - Meals

    The cafeteria is located next to the main entrance.

    Opening hours
    • From Monday to Friday from 06:30 to 20:00.
    • Week-end and Bank Holidays from 06:30 to 20:00.
    • You will find a drinks dispenser in Accident & Emergency.


    Unless your condition requires a particular diet, you may opt for one of the menus on offer. You may request a helping that is suited to your appetite (1/2 portion).

    Meal times
    • Breakfast: from 07:15.
    • Lunch: from 11:00.
    • Dinner: from 17:00

    If you have a specific diet or any food allergies, please inform your attendant nurse, who will pass on any instructions to the kitchen or, if necessary, to the dietician.

    A particular diet may be prescribed to you by your doctor depending on your condition(s).

  • Human and Spiritual Support

    The ecumenical chaplaincy service is available to you and your loved ones. You can contact them every day from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM at 027 603 41 38 or through the nursing staff. This service is integrated into the care dynamics and provides opportunities to share various aspects of life on both human and spiritual levels.
    At your request or that of your family, a member of the chaplaincy service is available for:

    • A moment of presence and listening
    • Sharing
    • A time of prayer
    • Holy Communion
    • The sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick
    • Contact with a representative of your religion (Islam, Buddhism, etc.)

    Prayer: Practical Aspects

    A chapel, located behind the reception, is available for a moment of reflection, regardless of your religious affiliation.

    Holy Communion

    Upon your request, by signing up on the provided form or contacting the service, it will be brought to your room from Monday to Friday as well as on Sunday morning.


    A Mass is celebrated once a month according to the posted schedule. A time of reflection takes place on Tuesdays at 4:15 PM.

    The Mass can also be heard on Espace 2 (RTS) on Sundays and holidays at 9:00 AM / the service at 10:00 AM or watched on television on France 2 at 10:30 AM or on KTO (channel 62) at 10:00 AM.


If you have any questions or any problem that needs solving, if you feel the need to be understood, supported, guided, do not hesitate to talk about it to your attending doctor, the nursing staff, the liaison nurse (T +41 27 603 45 70) or the chaplain (T +41 27 603 41 38), who will act on your requests or help you find solutions.