Patient satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is recognised as a key indicator in the evaluation of the quality of treatment. While it is true that patient satisfaction does not cover all aspects of quality, particularly the technical expertise of healthcare professionals, it does however represent a goal to be aimed for and is a reflection of the process of treatment. Its evaluation enables the measurement of the significance of certain aspects of treatment for the user, and enables one to strive as far as possible to meet their expectations and needs.

With a view to promoting the quality of treatment and to responding to requirements in this respect at national level, the Hôpital du Valais regularly carries out patient satisfaction surveys. The hospital differentiates between evaluations that deal with quality and which, amongst other things, feed into national benchmarking, and those carried out internally concerning patient needs and the improvement of services provided to them. The latter type lead to monitoring with the putting in place of appropriate corrective actions, which are valuable in the first instance for clinical practice.