Baby drop-off box

You may anonymously leave your baby in Sion's baby drop-off box so that he or she will be found and taken into our care. Please be aware that the baby drop-off box is neutral in terms of politics, ideology and religion. Once the baby has been placed inside and the window has been closed, you will be unable to open it again. An alarm will sound within 5 minutes and the staff of the paediatric departmentwill be notified of the baby's presence. When they arrive at the baby drop-off box, the paediatric staff will carry out an initial evaluation of the baby's health.

The baby will then be hospitalised in the paediatric department until he or she is taken into the care of the Swiss Child Protection Office (OPE). This baby is well protected at the hospital.

If you change your mind and would like to retrieve your baby, you can contact the Child Protection Office (T 027 606 48 40).

After a period of 3 months, the Child and Adult Protection Authority (APEA) will make any necessary decisions. In principle, it will no longer be possible to retrieve your child.

Advice from midwife consultants

Midwife consultants in Sion

They are available for consultations over the phone or in person on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. The conversation is confidential, non-medical and free. It allows you to discuss your pregnancy-related worries and concerns, to research the best solutions for your situation and to get help with decision-making. The consultations are aimed at pregnant women in vulnerable situations:

  • Difficult experience with pregnancy
  • Domestic violence (beating, etc.)
  • Unstable financial and/or social conditions…                       
  • Addiction (drugs, alcohol, etc.)
  • Social isolation
  • Emotional issues
  • Teen pregnancy
  • Confidential childbirth
Sion HospitalTel.: +41 27 603 85 18

Midwife consultants in Visp

They are available for phone consultations every day and in-person consultations on Tuesdays and on Friday afternoons. The midwives of Visp Hospital guide pregnant women through pregnancy, birth and the post-partum stage. They offer specific and personalised consultations at the beginning (1st trimester) and the end (last trimester) of pregnancy.

VispTel.: +41 027 604 24 85

Other sources of support

During this difficult time, we'd like to remind you that there are sources of support and counselling that you may seek out. You can contact the following organisations, anonymously if you wish. 

SIPE – Sexuality Information Prevention Education

Professionals are at your disposal to calmly consider your situation and explore all possible solutions, confidentially and free of charge.
You will be informed of your right to receive material or financial aid, as well as of the private and public assistance from which you can benefit. If necessary, you will be guided through the administrative and legal steps that must be taken. You will be notified on all adoption-related matters and directed towards the competent bodies in this area. 
In order to better help you and guide you according to your needs, whatever your decision, the SIPE centres work together with other professionals in the fields of health and social work.

Sion Tel. +41 27 323 46 48
Sierre Tel. +41 27 455 58 18
Martigny Tel. +41 27 722 66 80
Monthey Tel. +41 24 471 00 13
Brigue Tel. +41 27 923 93 13

Child Protection Office

Child protection specialists are available in regional centres to help with any problems concerning children and families experiencing hardship. These services notably include adoption, emergency placement, support and advice for parents and children.


Tel.: +41 27 606 48 40


Tel.: +41 27 606 98 61


Tel.: +41 27 606 98 31


Tel.: +41 27 606 98 01


Tel.: +41 27 606 99 50


Tel.: +41 27 606 99 10

Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Service for Children and Adolescents - French-speaking Valais

The Child and Adolescent Psychiatry-Psychotherapy Service (SPPEA) provides therapeutic care in the event of psychological suffering or disturbance within the parent-child relationship. UPEA's mission is to provide prevention services, consultations, examinations, expert advice, treatment and training. In particular, this organisation is responsible for:

  • Consultation and therapy for psychiatric and psychological issues and ailments (individual, family and group psychotherapy)
  • Branch for newborns, pregnancy and children aged 0-18 months
Sierre Tel.: +41 27 603 79 10

Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Adults, adolescents and children - German speaking Valais

The Haut-Valais Psychiatric Centre (PZO) provides comprehensive psychiatric care. This includes prevention, treatment and supervision of patients experiencing psychological health issues, for all age groups (children, adolescents, adults, elderly people), population groups and diagnostics. The PZO manages acute psychological crises, emergencies (with a 24-hour service) and supervision of chronic illnesses.

Brigue Tel.: +41 27 604 36 50

24-hour emergency line

Tel.: +41 27 604 36 50