Brig Access - Parking

Brig hospital is located at the same level as Brig station, approx. 700 m to the west. Lines 511, 621, 622, 631 and 632 run from Brig station in the direction of Brig Hospital and also in the opposite direction.

There are also two local bus lines, No. 2 Holzji and No. 3 Biela, which run from the hospital to the station on the way back.

The post bus stop is on the main road in front of the hospital in Brig. You can reach the hospital on foot from the station in about 10 minutes.

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  • In the event of outpatient treatment or short-term hospitalization (maximum 48 hours), you may park your vehicle in one of the visitor parking lots.

    In case of a longer hospitalization, we ask you to use public transportation or to have someone drive you.

    Please leave the access roads and parking spaces of the Emergency Department clear (see signs).

  • The Brig-Ried-Brig bus route takes you from Brig train station to the stop in front of the main entrance to the hospital. Bus routes 2, 3 will take you back to the train station.

  • The hospital is about a 10 minute walk from the train station.