Access to information

Access to information facilitated for patients and families

The right to information is a fundamental element in the relationship between patient and healthcare professional for a high quality of care management that is respectful of the patient’s autonomy.

A patient and their family who are informed and responsible, are participating in the optimisation of the conditions for health management and are thereby contributing to the enhancement of treatment quality. So that they can have easy access to all sources of relevant information, the Hôpital du Valais has installed displays at the entrance to all hospital sites.

These displays include, in particular, the following publications:

  • Essential information on patients’ rights” [“L’essentiel sur les droits des patients”], published by the public health services of the French-speaking cantons;
  • the welcome brochure for the hospital site in question;
  • information on the Hôpital du Valais Listening Space [Espace d’écoute de l’Hôpital du Valais], located at the entrance to the Hôpital de Sion.
  • These documents in PDF format are also available at all times on our web site.