Hospital social services Centre Hospitalier du Valais Romand

The hospital social services unit offers support and assistance in connection with hospitalization, working in a multidisciplinary manner.

Who we are

The hospital social services unit is made up of four HES social workers, based at the Sierre, Sion and Martigny sites and at the Saint-Amé clinic. The department's staff provide discreet support to patients and their families during their stay in hospital, to help them make the administrative transition back home as smooth as possible.

Who can benefit?

The hospital social service unit is aimed at in-patients and long-term out-patients. Family and friends of hospitalised patients can also contact the social workers. 

When should you contact the hospital social services unit?

If patients or their families have problems or questions relating to social insurance, the administrative or financial management of their day-to-day affairs, or any other problem of this type, don't hesitate to contact the on-site social worker.

  • How do I deal with my health insurance problems?
  • When and how do I apply for invalidity insurance?
  • What are my obligations and those of my employer when I am hospitalised?
  • How can I make life easier for my family and friends while I'm in hospital?
  • What help can I get with financial worries and managing my mail while I'm in hospital?
  • Depending on my illness, who can I contact when I'm discharged to continue my social care?
  • What social benefits am I entitled to?

How contact us?

The hospital social services unit is present on all sites: 

  • If you are admitted to hospital, contact admissions, who will put you in touch with a social worker.
  • If you are in hospital, ask the nursing staff to arrange a meeting with the site's social worker.


Sion hospital

Av. du Grand-Champsec 80
1951 Sion

Sandy Crettaz
079 963 76 87

Nadia Noto Perna
079 826 39 45 

Martigny hospital

Av. de la Fusion 27
1920 Martigny

Joyce Adkins 
079 779 90 96

Sierre hospital

Rue St-Charles 14
3960 Sierre

Isabelle Fontannaz 
079 571 41 08

Saint-Amé clinic

Vers Saint-Amé 10
1890 Saint-Maurice

Joyce Adkins
079 779 90 96