Electronic billing portal

Following the implementation of the new health insurance regulations requiring healthcare providers to supply patients with a copy of their bills, the Valais Hospital has introduced a dedicated portal. This online service allows patients to easily review their bills.

As soon as a bill is issued, patients who have provided their email address and phone number will receive a notification, granting them direct access to their bill on the portal. The sender of this automated message is: bill.patient(at) They will then have the option to download or print the copy for their records.


According to Article 42 paragraph 3, the Health Insurance Act (KVG) requires that Valais Hospital has to provide a copy of the invoice to the patient. This is provided via electronic invoice portal.

This is an invoice copy for your information, either for laboratory or pathology tests requested by your attending physician or another health institution, or for medical consultations.

The purpose of the invoice copy is to inform you about the services which have been billed by Valais Hospital to the insurance company. Valais Hospital has already sent the original invoice directly to your insurance company. No further steps need to be taken.

If you wish to dispute the bill, please contact the billing department of Valais Hospital directly.

The SMS will be sent to the mobile number provided by you at the the patient admission desk.

Please wait a few minutes. If you do not receive a code, please contact the Valais Hospital so that your cell phone number can be checked in the system and adjusted if necessary.

For data protection reasons, the invoice copy is made available for download for a maximum of 30 days and then deleted from the portal. Please contact the billing department of Valais Hospital directly if you need a copy of the invoice again.

Please inform the patient admission about your change request during your next visit to the hospital.