Rates and invoicing

Rates and invoicing

Before you are admitted to hospital, contact your insurance provider for information regarding the financial coverage for your stay. If your health insurance fund or your insurance company covering supplements for private services do not provide a guarantee of coverage, or if you live abroad, you will be required to provide a down payment equal to the estimate of the costs you will incur during your stay.

You must in any case provide a copy of the insurance certificate from your health insurance fund or from your insurance company. Any individual who is resident in Switzerland must be affiliated to a health insurance fund (basic insurance). This compulsory insurance may be supplemented by complementary insurance policies which individuals are free to take out or not. The information provided below does not cover such complementary insurance policies. To clarify any financial issue, please contact the admissions office of the institution in question.

Valais HospitalRates and invoicing

The rates applied by Valais Hospital are the result of negotiations with health or accident insurers. They vary depending on the place of residence of the patient, on the type of insurance and on the type of treatment.


For outpatients, rates are the same for all Valais Hospital institutions, and services are invoiced per item.


For in-patients cared for in acute somatic institutions, the ‘SwissDRG’ flat rate per case system has been in use since 2012 to determine how the stay is invoiced. With this system, each stay in hospital is classed according to the type of condition and invoiced at a flat rate on the basis of specific criteria, such as the main diagnosis, additional diagnoses, and treatments, among others. For in-patients undergoing treatment in geriatrics, psychiatry, psychogeriatrics or paedopsychiatry, rates are based on daily flat rates. Rehabilitation stays in the Centre valaisan de pneumologie in Montana are processed using a system of flat rates per case and per speciality.

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