Sion You admission

If you need any information before you are admitted, please call the patient flow management unit on +41 (0)27 603 44 48.

Please call this number if you would also like to request a private, semi-private or single room.

Time and place of arrival

Please go to hospital admissions at the time that you were given by your GP or by the hospital.

If you are required to fast for your tests or treatment, please do not eat, drink or smoke during the 6 hours prior to your arrival.

If you are being admitted on an emergency basis, you (or a family member or friend) will need to provide the required documents to the admissions office as soon as possible.

Patient identification

You will wear an ID bracelet during your stay at Valais Hospital. The nursing staff will explain:

  • Why it is important and helpful to be able to easily identify patients.
  • The risks related to incorrectly identifying patients, such as medication errors, and issues with transfusions and tests

Information concerning your arrival

  • Documents required

    Documents for the admissions office

    • Hospital admission letter
    • Official and valid ID document (ID card, passport, residence permit or driver’s licence)
    • Health/accident insurance card (basic and supplementary)
    • Family record book or similar official document for mothers-to-be
    • At least two telephone numbers for family members or friends who can be reached at all times
    • If you are a private or semi-private patient, please provide a certificate from your medical insurer on the day of your admission, indicating that you have private or semi-private insurance.

    Documents for the duty nurse

    • Letter from your GP/family doctor, transfer letter from the relevant facility, X-rays and any other medical documents you have available, such as your blood group card or anticoagulation card
    • Documentation detailing any allergies
    • Personal medication or a list of the prescription medication you take, whether or not it has been prescribed to you by your GP (this includes painkillers, vitamins and natural products, particularly plant-based products)
    • Nursing record book from your community health centre
    • Vaccination card (children only)
    • Advance healthcare directives, if you have any.
  • Items you should bring

    Please bring any items that you will need during your stay:

    • Underwear
    • Pyjamas or nightwear
    • Dressing gown and/or loungewear
    • Slippers or trainers
    • Toiletries
    • Prescription glasses
    • Any personal aids, such as canes and hearing aids.
    • Reading material, if required.

    The hospital will provide you with bath linen and gowns designed specifically for your treatment.

    The hospital provides laundry services for linen at a rate of CHF 20 + VAT per kg, although this excludes delicate items with specific washing requirements.

    Please pack dentures, hearing aids, glasses and contact lenses safely and securely. The hospital accepts no liability for loss of personal items.

  • Guarantee deposit

    Non-private patients

    If you reside in Switzerland and have Swiss insurance, you do not need to pay a deposit.
    This also applies if you have a payment guarantee. However, a deposit is needed if you require a single room (excluding the maternity unit).

    Private and semi-private patients

    Private and semi-private patients must pay a deposit if their insurance does not cover payment.
    Private and semi-private patients are responsible for managing their insurance cover and obtaining a guarantee from their insurer that the costs will be covered.

    International patients from EU countries

    You will need to pay a deposit unless you have an EHIC card.

    International patients from non-EU countries

    You will need to pay a deposit.
    Please call the admissions department on +41 (0)27 603 41 90 for more information about the guarantee deposit.

  • Money and valuables

    Hospital management accepts no liability for loss or theft during your stay.
    Please do not bring any money or valuables with you during your stay.
    If you have been admitted on an emergency basis, please leave your valuables with a member of your family or your representative.
    If this is not possible, please speak to your designated nurse, who will store them safely at reception and provide you with a receipt to collect them later.