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Monthey - Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Pool

Monthey - Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Poolyour stay

The Hôpital de Malévoz is an open healthcare facility, which respects the rights, freedoms, and dignity of patients. No physical restraint is used.

Its care and treatment philosophy seeks and encourages the maximum possible therapeutic collaboration for the development and maintenance of a relationship of trust and confidence that is essential for care and treatment.

The unit’s assistant physician, in close collaboration with a multi-disciplinary team (nurse, community health care assistant, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, psycho-motor therapist, psychologist, social worker) will carry out the necessary examinations and propose a treatment programme for you.

Strict rules ensure the confidentiality of your personal data, in accordance with legislation.

  • Institutional rules are displayed in each unit. These are presented to you by healthcare staff at the time of your admission.
  • Treatment activities, including in a group outside your unit, will be offered to you by the treatment team.
  • Optional activities organised by the Socio-cultural department are displayed in your unit.
  • Depending your state of health, a therapeutic framework in the unit may be necessary to protect you.
  • Within the boundaries of medical confidentiality and respect for personal privacy, close relatives are invited to supplement information that is relevant to treatment and, as appropriate, to take part in interviews with the doctor and treatment team.
  • All physical and verbal violence is prohibited. Any occurrence may lead to an interruption in hospitalisation and may be subject to a complaint.
  • Any material damage caused intentionally will be invoiced to you.
  • Doctors and health carers wear no uniform, and no gown. All staff can be identified by a name badge in a colour that is specific to their role.


for medical staff 

Dark blue

for healthcare staff 

Light blue 

for nursing assistants 


for medico-technical staff (physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists) 


for administrative staff, including accommodation, premises and logistics


for placement or apprentice individuals

Information concerningyour stay


The treatment units are configured on a number of different floors. When your state of health permits it, you will be transferred to a room on an upper floor.
If you have general insurance cover, you will be hospitalised in a room with two beds. You have access to collective areas (dining room, TV room, lounge, terrace, etc.).
If you have private medical insurance, you will be hospitalised, depending upon availability, in a room with a single bed. You will have access to a range of hotel services.

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