Monthey - Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Pool Your admission

Information prior to your admission can be obtained from reception at the Hôpital de Malévoz on 027 604 73 33.

Time, date and place of arrival 

Admissions are scheduled between 08:30 and 12:00 and between 13:00 and 16:00. Upon your arrival, you should present yourself at reception, even if this is an emergency. In all cases, the receptionist will then introduce you to the admissions nurse or the duty doctor.


If you arrive with your own vehicle, the keys should be handed to the nursing staff in your treatment unit.
During your stay, your car should parked in the Montgebert car park, 49 Av. de France, in Monthey.
For reasons of security and liability, you are not permitted to drive your vehicle during your period of hospitalisation unless exceptionally authorised to do so by the doctor. 

Private hospitalisation

Hospitalised patients are responsible for checking their insurance in order to obtain cover for their costs by their insurer.
In the case of a transfer from a shared room to a private room, and vice versa, and also in the case of a transfer between sites, the entire stay will be invoiced at the private tariff rates.

Placement for purposes of assistance

If you have been hospitalised in the context of a “placement à des fins d’assistance” (PAFA) [placement for purposes of assistance], you can appeal against this in the “measures of constraint” court, which will issue a ruling in accordance with a simple and rapid procedure.

Advance Directives

We encourage you to draw up advance directives.
You retain a copy for yourself and a copy will be included in your file. In this case, please inform you doctor and close relations of the existence of this document.

Information concerning your arrival

  • Documents required

    In order to facilitate your admission, we would be glad if you could present the following documents:

    To the secretary of the unit

    • Health insurance card.
    • A valid official identity document (passport, residence permit, or driving licence), if you are not resident in Switzerland.

    To the nursing staff

    • The letter from your attending physician/family, or transfer letter from the originating establishment.
    • The list of personal drugs prescribed for you by your doctor(s).
    • Telephone numbers of your family, close relatives, or representatives who can be contacted at all times.
  • Recommended personal effects

    In addition to your personal effects, consider bringing outdoor shoes and clothing so that you can visit the hospital park, and also sports clothing. The hospital will provide you with towels. The hospital cannot look after private towels and linen. If necessary, it is possible to obtain personal essentials in the café shop. Your dental/hearing prostheses, your glasses/contact lenses must be carefully stored in a safe place. The hospital cannot in any circumstances be held responsible for their loss.

  • Money – Valuables

    The management declines all responsibility in the event of the disappearance, loss, or theft of such items during your stay at the hospital.
    We request that you do not bring money or valuables with you during your stay in hospital.
    You can deposit your money and personal objects in a locker that is locked by a key in your room.
    If your state of health does not enable this, the nurse or unit secretary will take care of storing your valuables in a locked location in the treatment unit.
    An inventory of your property will then be given to you.