Monthey - Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Pool Discharge

Normally discharges take place between 09:00 and 11:00.

Your departure is planned as far in advance as possible, in consultation with you, your family or close relatives, and your attending physician. The date will be set, by agreement with your hospital doctor, who will send a report on your hospitalisation and, if necessary, telephone your attending physician, with whom you will resume contact for the remainder of the treatment.

Before leaving hospital:

  • Speak to your designated nurse contact so that the necessary documents can be given to you (prescriptions, medical letters, hospitalisation certificate, appointment(s), personal drugs, etc…).
  • The hospital does not supply drugs for your return home (including in respect of weekends and public holidays).
  • Remember to collect any valuables that you may have entrusted for safekeeping to the nursing staff.
  • Please pay any charges for which you are responsible (telephone calls, Internet use, etc…).
  • Check that you have not left behind any personal effects in your room.

You will receive all the necessary information concerning the remainder of your treatment. It may be suggested that you continue your treatment or take part in group activities with our ambulatory psychiatry department in one of the Centres de Compétences en Psychiatrie et Psychothérapie (CCPP) [Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Competency Centres] in Monthey, Martigny, Sion, or Sierre.