Your admission


VispYour admission

Please find below some useful information to help prepare for your admission and stay in the hospital. For any further information regarding your admission, please call +41 27 604 33 33.

Your admission is carried out in agreement with your referring doctor. Generally, admissions for patients staying overnight take place in the afternoon, and outpatient admissions start in the morning from 07:00. Please come to the hospital reception located on the ground floor at the time specified by your doctor.
Following your registration and various formalities, you will be taken on by the healthcare staff, who will take you to your room. If you are expected to have fasted before your admission, you must not drink, eat or smoke for the 6 hours preceding your arrival at the hospital.

If you are admitted via Accident & Emergency, formalities will be kept to a minimum; you or someone you know will however have to present the requisite documents to the reception centre as soon as possible.

Information concerningyour arrival

Documents required

In order to facilitate your admission, we would be grateful if you would provide the following documents:

  • Doctor’s request for admission.
  • Official ID.
  • Insurance card from your public health insurance fund or from your insurance company (for patients who are privately insured).
  • Accident insurance card (if you have one).
  • Blood group card.
  • Vaccination certificate.
  • Allergy passport (if you have one).
  • Anticoagulation card (if you have one).
  • Radiographies and laboratory analyses.

Personal belongings

Unfortunately, there is limited space available in the rooms. Please only bring with you the personal belongings that are indispensable for your stay in hospital:

  • Toiletries (you will be provided with towels)
  • Comfortable slippers
  • Underwear
  • Pyjamas or nightgown
  • Sportswear, indoor outfit or dressing gown
  • Personal medicines or a list of these
  • Books or magazines
  • Headphones and/or portable music player if you want to listen to the radio or to music.


Public ward

  • No deposit is required if you are resident in Switzerland and affiliated to a Swiss insurance company. The same applies if you have a payment guarantee.
  • Single room: a deposit will be required.

Private and semi-private ward

  • A deposit will be required if your insurance company does not guarantee payment for the private or semi-private ward. More information is available from the following number: +41 27 604 20 12.

Foreign patients from the European Community

  • A down payment will be required if you do not have your European card.

Foreign patients from outside the European Community

  • A down payment will be required.

Money and valuable objects

Please leave any jewellery, large amounts of money or any other valuable object at home. The hospital will not accept any responsibility if you decide to keep them in your room. You may use our safe if necessary. If you wish to use this service, please mention this at reception on the ground floor.

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