Martigny Your stay

All hospital staff members are bound to maintain confidentiality. Each staff member wears a name badge.

You have the right to be informed about your illness and about your treatment. Do not hesitate to ask for any explanations during the medical visit or to request a meeting with the doctor who is responsible for treating you.

Information concerning your stay

  • Room

    If you have insurance coverage in the common ward, you are hospitalized in a two-bed room with shower, toilet. A movable curtain ensures the privacy necessary or desired by everyone. You have a radio, a telephone with direct access and free Wi-Fi access. 

    Subject to a compensatory fee guaranteed by a deposit and depending on availability, it is possible to be hospitalised in a single room. However, single rooms are primarily allocated to patients insured in private and semi-private wards.

    If you have insurance coverage in a private ward, depending on availability, you are hospitalized in a single room with a small lounge, shower and toilet. You have a radio, a television, a telephone with direct access, internet access, a mini-bar and various hotel services.
    If you have semi-private insurance coverage, depending on availability, you are hospitalized in a room with another patient or alone against payment of the single room fee. You benefit from the same hotel services as in private.

  • Multimedia


    There is a television installed in the lounge of each ward, and in each room on the private ward. You can rent a television and a headset from an external provider.

    Radio and telephone

    Each patient is provided with a radio and a personal landline telephone with a direct line out (a basic fee will be charged for each call). To call any number outside the hospital, first press zero, and then immediately dial the number you wish to call.

    You may be reached directly in your room from 07:30 to 21:00, by dialling +41 27 6039 followed by your bed number.

    There is a telephone box on level -1 of the admissions waiting room.

    Mobile telephones can cause medical equipment to malfunction. As a safety measure for patients, it is recommended that you avoid using them on the wards.


    Internet access is available in the entrance hall for a small fee.

  • Services

    Mail - Post

    Mail is distributed once a day, in the morning.
    A post box is at your disposal in the admissions waiting room.


    A hairdresser is at your service Wednesday and Friday afternoons (other days by appointment). You can get an appointment through the nursing staff.

    Medico-social service

    A liaison nurse is available to help you:

    • Solve personal and family problems connected to your hospitalisation.
    • Organise your discharge from hospital (return home, home care, family help, placement in a medical and social institution etc.).

    If you wish to use her services, please contact the healthcare staff.

  • Cafeteria - Meals

    The cafeteria is located next to the main entrance.

    Opening times
    • From Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 19:00.
    • Week-end and Bank Holidays from 08:45 to 19:00.
    • You will find a drinks dispenser in Accident & Emergency.


    Unless your condition requires a particular diet, you may opt for one of the menus on offer and request a helping that is suited to your appetite (1/2 portion).

    Meal times
    • Breakfast: from 07:15.
    • Lunch: from 11:00.
    • Dinner: from 17:00

    If you have a particular diet or any food allergies, you must notify your attending nurse, who will pass on these instructions to the kitchen or, if necessary, to the dietician.

    A diet may be medically prescribed for you depending on your condition(s).

  • Human and Spiritual Support

    The ecumenical chaplaincy service is available to you and your loved ones. You can contact them every day from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM at 027 603 41 38 or through the nursing staff. This service is integrated into the care dynamics and provides opportunities to share various aspects of life on both human and spiritual levels.
    At your request or that of your family, a member of the chaplaincy service is available for:

    • A moment of presence and listening
    • Sharing
    • A time of prayer
    • Holy Communion
    • The sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick
    • Contact with a representative of your religion (Islam, Buddhism, etc.)

    Prayer: Practical Aspects
    A chapel, located below the reception, is available for a moment of reflection, regardless of your religious affiliation.

    Holy Communion:
    Upon your request to the nursing staff or the chaplaincy service, it will be brought to your room from Monday to Friday.

    Mass / Service:
    The Mass can also be heard on Espace 2 (RTS) on Sundays and holidays at 9:00 AM / the service at 10:00 AM or watched on television on France 2 at 10:30 AM or on KTO (channel 62) at 10:00 AM.