Research program on the health expectations of the population

In a complicated health system and a context of great social complexity, research and evaluation are of critical importance for decision makers, as their outcomes contribute to the taking of decisions based on scientific data.

In the Valais canton, the development of initiatives such as the efficient planning of treatment, suffer as much from an absence of relevant indicators, as it does from a lack of resources enabling the evaluation of the prevalence and impact if the main health problems.

From 2014, the Hôpital du Valais has been working in partnership with HETS-Vs on the establishment of participative research on the expectations of the Valais population in relation to its overall healthcare system, and more particularly the Hôpital du Valais.

This initiative will offer decision makers evidential data based on population expectations. It will also enable the Valais population to become involved in the organisation of their hospital, thereby creating links of trust with decision makers.