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Accident & Emergency

Accident & Emergency

Open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, the accident and emergency services at Valais Hospital take on by definition all the patients who come to them; the only thing these patients have in common is that they do not have an appointment. Our doctors and nursing staff have specific training in the field of accident and emergency medicine and are responsible for receiving and assessing patients, and for their diagnosis, emergency care and referral.

Valais Hospital has accident and emergency services in Sion, Martigny, Visp; all are open 24 hours a day.

Adult Patient – What Should You Do?

  • For serious cases or if you are in any doubt, immediately call 144.
  • In all other cases, local care is offered in each hospital.

Children Under 16 Years of Age - What Should You Do?

  • In a life-threatening emergency (loss of consciousness, choking, etc.) requiring immediate medical attention, call 144.
  • If the emergency is not life-threatening and occurs during surgery hours, contact your paediatrician.
  • Phone: 0900 144 027
    This number can be called 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    The cost of the call is Fr. 0.50 and Fr. 2.- per minute, capped at Fr. 30.50.

Accident & Emergency

What to do while you wait for the emergency services

If there has been an accident, first secure the site of the accident in order to avoid anyone else getting injured (place a warning triangle on the road, slow down the traffic, move injured persons away from places that are at risk of explosion, etc.).

If the person is unconscious, place him/her in the recovery position. If he/she is not breathing, immediately start resuscitation if you are familiar with this procedure.

If the person is conscious, place him/her in a comfortable position, making sure that nothing will complicate his/her condition.

Before moving an accident victim, ensure that he/she does not have a fractured spine. If you are in any doubt, do not move him/her.

Do not give the casualty anything to eat or drink, or anything to smoke.

If the casualty is bleeding profusely or in bursts, compress the main artery above the wound. If you have not been trained to do this, compress the bleeding area using a clean handkerchief or a clean piece of cloth.
If the person is cold or is at risk of getting cold, cover him/her with a blanket or clothing.

Useful Phone Numbers

Accident & Emergency144

Adult emergencies / On-Call Doctor Valais

+41 900 144 033
This number can be called 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The cost of the call is Fr. 0.50 and Fr. 2.- per minute, capped at Fr. 30.50.

Emergencies for children and teenagers

+41 900 144 027
This number can be called 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The cost of the call is Fr. 0.50 and Fr. 2.- per minute, capped at Fr. 30.50.
Ambulances, Emergency Call, Serious Cases144
Rescue Helicopter (Rega)1414
Rescue Helicopter (Air-Glaciers)1415
La main tendue (Helping Hand)143
Telephone Helpline for Children and Young People147
Valais romand Psychiatric Emergencies+41 800 012 210
Haut-Valais Psychiatric Emergencies+41 27 604 33 33

Gynaecological emergencies in the French-speaking Valais

+41 27 603 85 22
Obstetrical emergencies / Delivery room in the French-speaking Valais+41 27 603 42 00

General Practitioner Emergency Centre(HANOW)

The Haut-Vallais General Practitioner Emergency Centre (HANOW) is located in the Viège [Visp] hospital. Unlike the Viège hospital emergency department, where only doctors at the Haut-Valais Hospital work, this emergency service is run by general practitioners in the region.

Each year, over 5,000 patients are treated there. This is where ‘general practitioner emergencies’ are managed, in other words patients who could be treated in a family doctor/GP practice. The Haut-Vallais General Practitioner Emergency Centre (HANOW) and the hospital emergency department are directly linked. The collaboration between these departments is therefore a permanent one.

The Haut-Vallais General Practitioner Emergency Centre (HANOW) is open every day from 17:30 to 22:00 and at weekends and on public holidays from 09:00 to 22:00.

No appointment is necessary, and patients are seen in order of arrival. Only urgent examinations and treatments are carried out. Subsequent interventions and treatment follow-ups are delegated to the family doctor.


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