Paediatrics Department SZO

The Haut-Valais paediatric department is located in Visp Hospital. It is part of the mother-child department. Children and adolescents are cared for here from birth to the end of their 16th year, or even up to the age of 18 in exceptional cases. The premature baby and new-born baby department takes care of premature babies who do not require specialist treatment in a neonatology centre.

The Paediatric Department provides comprehensive care for the child and his/her next of kin. In addition to diagnosis and treatment, parents are constantly kept informed, and trained to take care of and monitor their children. The concept of basic healthcare, which strives to assign the same care-providing individual to each child as far as is possible, makes a big contribution to the quality of the treatment.

Generally, the Paediatric Department complies with the recommendations of the Société suisse de pédiatrie (Swiss Paediatric Society), of the Société suisse de néonatologie (Swiss Neonatology Society) and of the Fédération des médecins suisses FMH (Swiss Doctors Federation). It fulfils the criteria of the EACH (European Association for Children in Hospital) charter.

The Paediatric Department is divided into five areas:

  • Premature and New-Born Baby (Neonatology) Department
  • Hospitalisation Unit for Infants, Children and Adolescents
  • Maternity Ward
  • Policlinic/Day Clinic for Outpatient Consultations
  • Accident & Emergency Department

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