Neonatology is a paediatrics sub-speciality, designating the medical management of new-born babies. Neonatology deals with infants born at full term or prematurely. As an active partner to the neonatology department per se, it is involved in cases of at risk pregnancy in planning the best way to manage the well-being of the new-born baby.

The task of the neonatology team also consists of helping infants facing difficulties in the delivery room, or maternity department. If a new-born baby needs more advanced care, the baby is managed directly in the Hôpital du Valais neonatology department. 

If, due to age, weight, or specific symptoms, an infant requires specialist treatment in a neonatal centre, the baby is transferred by the new-born transport team to one of the partner centres with which the neonatology doctors of the Hôpital du Valais are in permanent contact.

New-born babies are managed by a highly qualified nursing team, in close collaboration with the parents in the basic treatment context, in order to stimulate the physical, neurological and social development of the infants. The neonatology department is located in the immediate proximity of the delivery room and maternity department in order to facilitate and encourage contact with the mother and the family.

Neonatology department