Premature and New-Born Babies (Neonatology) Department

Premature babies (born before the 37th week of pregnancy) and new-born babies suffering from diseases are cared for, as a rule, by the Premature and New-Born Babies Department.

The fact that the neonatology department is right next to the maternity ward allows mothers to remain in direct contact with their new-born babies, and, as far as is possible, to breast-feed them, or to establish a physical connection thanks to the technique known as the ‘mother kangaroo’.

However, if, due to its age, weight or clinical condition, an infant requires specialist treatment in a neonatology centre, it will be transferred by the new-born transport team into one of our partner centres, with which the neonatologists of Valais Hospial are in constant contact.

Treatment is provided in our neonatology department for the following disorders:  infections, glycaemic level disorders, basic respiratory problems, jaundice, difficulties with swallowing (drinking), digestive problems, insufficient heat regulation, etc.