Hospitalisation Unit (Paediatrics)

Babies, children and teenagers with acute and chronic diseases relevant to paediatric medicine and surgery are cared for and treated in this unit. Children and babies requiring a high degree of supervision benefit from the services of our Continuing Care Service (Intermediate Care Unit, IMC).

The service also provides post-operative follow-up of planned interventions (tonsillectomy, orchidopexy, etc.).

Child psychiatric hospitalizations are coordinated in collaboration with the child psychiatrists of the Haut-Valais Psychiatric Centre (PZO).

The effective treatment of pain is also part of optimal medical care. The intensity of the pain is continuously assessed using techniques adapted to children in order to establish the best analgesic treatment (medicinal and non-medicinal methods).

During the entire hospital stay, parents can stay with their child, sleep with him/her and eat at the hospital. They can visit their child at any time.