Microbiology brings together the various laboratory activities which enable the diagnosis of infectious diseases by using sampling techniques to identify the micro-organisms responsible or the antibodies they have stimulated and by determining their characteristics, in particular the sensitivity of the bacteria to antibiotics.

These activities are integrated into the Infectious Diseases Department of the Central Institute of hospitals which, in addition to microbiology, brings together all of the fields connected to infectious diseases: medical consultations in infectiology, the prevention and control of infection (or hospital hygiene or hospital epidemiology), travel medicine, screening for HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases and combating contagious diseases.

Microbiology covers several fields and techniques: bacteriology, parasitology, molecular biology and serology.

The analyses are carried out for the hospital sites and medical practitioners who request them by technicians who are specialised in biomedical analyses, under the supervision of doctors or biologists who are FAMH specialists in clinical microbiology.