Infection Prevention and Control (Hospital Hygiene or Epidemiology)

Infection prevention and control (IPC or hospital hygiene or hospital epidemiology) covers all activities aimed at combating infections that have been acquired during care (so-called nosocomial infections).

These activities are integrated into the Infectious Diseases Department of the Central Institute of hospitals, which brings together, within ICP, all the fields connected to infectious diseases: medical infectiology consultations, microbiology, travel medicine, HIV/AIDS screening and combating contagious diseases.

These various aspects of prevention, monitoring, intervening and teaching serve to promote the quality of the care provided to patients and to improve their safety. These activities are carried out by the infectiologists and specialist nurses of the Department on the hospital sites of Valais Hospital and of Chablais Hospital, in the Clinique Romande de Réadaptation-SUVA, in the Clinique Bernoise d’Altitude in Montana and in the institutions and medico-social centres of the Valais region.