Infectiology is the field of medicine which takes care of patients suffering from infectious diseases, that is to say diseases that are due to micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, parasites or yeasts.

Infectiology is part of the Infectious Diseases Department, which includes, as well as infectiology, all the fields connected to these diseases: microbiology, infection prevention and control (or hospital hygiene or hospital epidemiology), travel medicine, HIV/AIDS testing and combating communicable diseases.

Infectiology consultations are available to medical practitioners, hospital doctors and patients of the Canton for specialist opinions or the specialist treatment of infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B or C or complicated bacterial infections.

The infectiologists who see outpatients are also employed as consultants in the hospitals of Valais Hospital, Chablais Hospital and in the Clinique Romande de Réadaptation-SUVA.

Appointments and Requests for Consultations

Hospital doctors and medical practitioners can reach the infectious diseases rapid response unit at any time by calling the following number: 027 603 47 00.