Medical Assessment Centre

The Medical Examinations Department performs ambultory medical examinations mandated by the Cantonal or regional authorities.

These examinations may, for example, be connected with the ability to drive vehicles for individuals where there is a presumption of incapacity, linked, for example to a problem level of alchol, narcotics, or drug consumption.

Various types of forensic psychiatric assessment reports can also be carried out by this department. These relate, on the one hand, to the field of civil law, for example, in order to evaluate capacity for discernement with a view to possible guardianship or rights to custody. They may also be involved with penal matters in order to assess levels of repsonsiibility, risk of relapse or reoffending, and the danger posed by certain individuals.

The Department may also be asked by AI to assess the capacity for work for people suffering from an illness, or for those who have suffered an accident.


Phone: +41 (0)27 603 63 80
E-mail: ich.expertises(at)