Ophthalmology is the medical speciality devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of all conditions affecting the eyeball, tear ducts and eyelids. Outpatient consultations and treatment account for most of the activity involving this speciality. It is possible to provide numerous forms of treatment during outpatient consultations, such as laser treatment of the retina or of a glaucoma.

In some cases, surgical interventions are necessary, as in the treatment of cataracts, which are part of the normal ageing process of the eye. Surgery is also used to treat so-called vitreoretinal diseases, such as retinal detachment, macular disorders, complicated impairments connected to diabetes, or myopia.

Ophthalmologists also sometimes assist neurologists in the diagnosis of diseases such as multiple sclerosis, which may affect the optical nerve. The same applies when a small clot is detected in the eye, as this can be the result of a heart problem. In such cases, a cardiologist is informed.

For the Canton of Valais romand, the Ophthalmology Department is based in Martigny and offers bookable consultations from Tuesday to Friday.
In the Canton of Haut-Valais, patients are treated by experienced ophthalmologists who carry out operations at Brig Hospital. In emergency cases, patients with a condition affecting their eyes can go to the Accident and Emergency departments in Visp and in Brig.