Radio-oncologyat Sion Hospital

The Radio-oncology Department, together with the Surgery and Chemotherapy Departments, provides treatment for cancers.

Radiotherapy involves the use of ionising radiation to destroy cancerous cells.

Some 760 new patients were provided with this kind of treatment at Valais Hospital in 2011.

The Radio-oncology Department provides radiotherapy:

  • Externally: the tumour is irradiated from outside the body using radiation produced by a device known as a linear accelerator
  • Internally (brachytherapy): the sources emitting the radiation are placed inside the tumour.

The Valais Hospital Radio-oncology Department in Sion provides care for patients from all over the Canton whose condition requires treatment using external radiotherapy or brachytherapy. To this end, the department provides a bilingual service together with the Oncology Department.

A treatment plan will be drawn up by your radio-oncologist during your initial consultation. He/she will explain the irradiation procedure to you, as well as the length of treatment, the number of sessions, any possible side effects and how you must prepare for treatment.

To prepare your treatment, you will be given an appointment for a scan. This is a radiological examination which aims to target the tumour or the place where the tumour is located in order for the treatment to be highly precise.

Before your treatment starts, you will also be seen by a radiotherapy nurse for a consultation. Support care is available from the same technical support centre and will be organised for you if you need it (nutritionist, psycho-oncologist).


Our Treatments

  • Conformational radiotherapy
  • Intensity modulation radiotherapy
  • Respiratory gating
  • High dose rate brachytherapy
  • Stereotactic radiosurgery


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