Wirbelsäule - Spitalzentrum Oberwallis

Die Abteilung Wirbelsäulenchirurgie befasst sich mit allen konservativen und operativen Behandlungen an der Wirbelsäule. Dies sowohl bei chronischen aber auch akuten Erkrankungen.
Die Abteilung ist zertifiziert als «European Surgical Spine Center of Excellence» (SSCoE) und als Level 2 «Wirbelsäulen Spezialzentrum der Deutschen Wirbelsäulen Gesellschaft DWG».
In Zusammenarbeit mit der Radiologie ist die Abteilung Wirbelsäulenchirurgie zertifiziertes Zentrum für Osteoporose Pattform Schweiz SGR.

Department overview

  • Department management

    Senior doctors

    • The Department of Spinal Surgery works closely with other disciplines (pain therapy, radiology, rehabilitation, physiotherapy), which is necessary for the holistic care of spinal patients.

      In addition to conservative therapy, the following surgical services are offered:

      • Treatment of herniated discs (disc hernia) including placeholders on the cervical spine
      • Narrowing of the spinal canal (spinal canal stenosis)
      • Operations for instabilities of the spine
      • Surgical treatment of spondylolisthesis (spondylolisthesis)
      • Individual therapy for kyphosis (Bechterew's disease, Scheuermann's disease)
      • Treatment of vertebral body fractures
        • Cement alignment (kyphoplasty)
        • Minimally invasive or open stabilization
      • Inflammations (spondylodiscitis)
      • Tumors affecting the spine
      • Interventional pain therapy
      • Many of these operations are performed using state-of-the-art instruments and equipment. These include computer navigation, a high-resolution microscope, neuromonitoring or a 3D image intensifier.
    • Appointments with the specialist management physicians can be made by appointment at the orthopaedic office in Brig.

      The special consultation hours are held both at Brig Hospital and partly at the SZO Outpatient Center at Centerpark Visp. 

      Registration via 

      Orthopaedics office
      Überlandstrasse 14
      3900 Brig

      Telephone number:  +41 (0) 27 604 31 13


    • The Orthopaedics / Traumatology Clinic employs a total of 14 junior doctors. These rotate as specialist trainees in orthopaedics or surgery in all departments at both sites. In Brig, these are the orthopaedics department, the spinal surgery department and the hand surgery department. 

      Of course, we also offer residency positions for non-surgical specialties (external year).

      At the Visp site, in addition to a rotation in traumatology, a rotation in the emergency ward is also planned. A rotation in intensive care medicine can also be planned.

      In addition, various specialist training courses can be completed in our clinic after specialist training.

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