Hepato-Biliary Centre

Based in Sion for the Valais Romand, the Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Centre is an intermediary between the hospital (CHVR), doctors providing treatment, and tertiary centres.  

This centre is incorporated into the General Surgery department and the Visceral Surgery unit, but is not in itself a consulting centre. Its purpose is to centralise expertise in order to provide multidisciplinary management of patients suffering from diseases of the liver, biliary tract, or pancreas.

In practical terms, when a doctor providing treatment encounters a patient with a disease of the liver, biliary tract, or pancreas, they are invited to contact the centre if they wish to. The centre will evaluate their file, co-ordinate all tests and appointments with specialists, organise the treatment plan, and, if necessary, co-ordinate the patient’s hospitalisation. The excellence of treatment and rapid response in their management are thus ensured.

The concept is to offer doctors providing treatment a highly specialised provision in the management of patients with pathologies that are ever more complex. This service thus offers assistance with diagnosis, as well as proposed treatments.

In addition, the centre organises on a fortnightly basis, on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month, a colloquium open to all doctors wishing to set out a case study of a patient with a disease that falls within the hepato-biliary-pancreatic domain, in order to rationalise the medical assessment.

The hepato-biliary-pancreatic centre collaborates very closely with the oncology department and all patients presenting with an oncological pathology are systematically presented, once the medical assessment is complete, in an oncology colloquium.

This multidisciplinary and highly specialist centre consists of a team of specialists derived from the following departments:

  • General surgery, with 2 senior physicians who are visceral surgery specialists
  • Diagnostic and interventional imaging, with 2 senior physicians
  • Interventional gastroenterology, with 2 senior physicians
  • Gastroenterology and hepatology, with a senior physician liver specialist
  • Internal medicine, with 2 senior physicians

Management If the patient does not require hospitalisation

the centre: 

  • evaluates the file,
  • establishes a diagnosis and/or assessment,
  • co-ordinates the various examinations and appointments with the specialists,
  • organises the care or treatment plan,
  • co-ordinates monitoring in accordance with national and international standards.

If the patient requires hospitalisation

They will be managed at the hospital in Sion. If required, the centre will seek opinions in the university context and will manage co-ordination with the different institutions and with the doctor providing treatment. 

The patient thus has the benefit of management co-ordinated by a panel of identified experts. They can count on a referring centre for making these contacts, for monitoring, and multicentric co-ordination.

Doctors providing treatment how is a patient put forward for the fortnightly colloquium?

The announcement of cases is implemented via email: chvr.centrehbp(at)hopitalvs.ch or by telephone, on 027 603 18 84.

Indicate the patient’s details (surname, forename, telephone) and a brief description of the case.

Recent laboratory results and/or imaging can be appended if carried out externally. 

The result of the discussion will be returned to you by post.


Hôpital du Valais
Hôpital de Sion
Centre hépato-bilio-pancréatique du Valais romand
Av. du Grand-Champsec 80
1951 Sion


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