Fertility Clinic

The Valais Hospital Fertility Clinic is based in Sion, and offers comprehensive treatment for couples who are encountering difficulties in their attempts to have a child. Patients are sent to the clinic by their referring doctor, and can attend consultation five days a week. Treatment and follow-up care are provided throughout the week, including at the weekend, depending on the patient’s needs.

There are many different possible causes of infertility: ovulation disorders, chronic or acute infections, metabolic diseases, poor permeability of the uterine tubes, endometriosis, genetic diseases, poor quality sperm, difficulties with sexual intercourse.

These causes, which can involve the male partner, the female partner or both together, require complex, in-depth and above all systematic investigations.
The proximity of the Central Institute of hospitals, which has the capacity to carry out very rapid analyses, allows for the best possible care to be provided to patients referred to the Fertility Clinic. It is able to carry out all investigations and treatments. Artificial insemination can be provided in the Fertility Clinic and the preparation of in vitro fertilisation cycles through to the collection of ovocytes and embryo transfer can be carried out in close cooperation with the Fertility Clinic at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois (CHUV), with which Valais Hospital has a partnership agreement, or with a fertility clinic selected by the patient couple.

The Fertility Clinic employs a doctor who works partly for the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois (CHUV), in the UMR (‘Unité de la Médecine de la Reproduction’ = Reproductive Medicine Unit) and partly on the Sion site. He is assisted by assistant doctors, nurses who specialise in this field, and by a dietician in order to detect fertility problems which may be linked to diet. To complete the care programme, genetic consultations are provided in Sion, and support is provided to couples who have to handle a difficult situation (resource accounting).

It is also worth mentioning that a gynaecological endocrinology consultation has been set up and that there is close cooperation between urologists on the one hand and endocrinologists on the other.

Thanks to this structure, the Fertility Clinic at Sion Hospital, in partnership with the UMR and under the auspices of the Gynecology Department at Sion Hospital, fulfils the quality criteria which allow it to provide the best possible treatment in cases of infertility.


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