Chronic Wounds

Valais Hospital provides referring doctors and independent carers with specialist consultations to help with caring for wounds that are healing slowly or with difficulty.

These chronic wounds include those caused by a surgical operation, ulcers of venous or mixed origin, arteriovenous wounds, sloughs and diabetic feet.

Doctors and nurses specialised in the various fields of plastic surgery, vascular surgery, orthopaedics, angiology and wound treatment provide advice, recommendations, suggestions and, if required, treatment.

Following an initial scheduled consultation, specialist advice is communicated to the patient’s referring doctor, together with a suggestion for an additional report (if necessary) as well as a set of wound care instructions. The referring doctor will decide whether to draw up this report at his practice and provide the patient with follow-up care, or to refer the patient to a consultation at Valais Hospital for specific treatment.

An extremely innovative electronic application (WoundsApp©) and a follow-up care procedure that is unique in Switzerland allow the referring doctor, home nurses or CMSs to have access to the patient’s wound file at any time. This application, which can be downloaded to most smartphones, iPads and computers, allows the different participants to consult the patient’s protocols and photographs of the wounds. In addition, a prescription may be sent electronically to the provider of the wound dressing, who will deliver the dressing to the patient’s home.
This modern method of communication allows us to optimise patient care, to reduce stays in hospital and to avoid any information being lost between the different participants.

Consultations take place on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month in Sion Hospital.