Pre-Operative Evaluation Unit (Unité d'Évaluation Préopératoire, UEP)

  • The UEP is governed by an overall concept which allows us, in compliance with the recommendations of the Central Swiss Associations for Surgery and Anaesthesiology, to assess a patient both from an anaesthesiological and surgical perspective, some time before the intervention, as well as to complete his/her administrative file and carry out any necessary paraclinical examinations.

  • The Pre-Operative Evaluation Unit aims to:

    • Assess the patient’s state of health.
    • Establish the anaesthetic strategy in agreement with the patient and in accordance with his/her state of health and the surgical procedure.
    • Determine the most appropriate post-operative destination: outpatient unit, hospitalisation level, intermediate care or intensive care.

    Additional tests and treatment may be prescribed here with a view to the intervention and to its consequences.

  • The UEP staff includes anaesthetists, surgeons, nurses and paramedical staff trained to perform the specific tasks of the UEP.

  • In the CHVR, the UEP is located on the Sion and Martigny sites.

What Happens During a Visit to the UEP

As soon as an operation has been prescribed, the patient’s file is passed on to the UEP.

The UEP books a time for the pre-operative consultation and sends written notification of the date by post to the patient. Information regarding the anaesthesia and a healthcare questionnaire are included in the letter (cf. documents below). The patient’s referring doctor is also notified and asked to provide, as applicable, some medical information regarding the patient.

During the pre-operative consultation at the UEP and following his/her anaesthesiological and surgical evaluation, the patient is informed about the procedures governing his/her stay in hospital and is also able to ask any questions he/she may have.

This is how the DAR prepares for the anaesthesia and care measures that are the most appropriate for the patient for a given surgical intervention, while providing the most comprehensive information possible about the patient’s stay in hospital.

Some Important Documents

In order to ensure that their visit to the UEP is as smooth as possible, patients are asked to fill out the following documents, if necessary with the help of their referring doctor.