Musculoskeletal rehabilitation and sports medicine (CHVR) et médecine du sport

Sports medicine is aimed at sportsmen and women of all ages from adolescence onwards, whether or not they are practising an individual or team sport with a view to performance, whatever their level, but also at people wishing to maintain or start a physical activity for their health or pleasure. 
An important part of our work involves diagnosing and treating all the pathologies associated with exercise and sport, including

  • traumatic injuries (concussions, sprains, fractures, muscle tears, etc.) or 
  • overload injuries (tendinopathies, enthesopathies, etc.). 

The second area of activity concerns the monitoring of sportsmen and women with performance objectives, including 

  • carrying out sports medicine check-ups,
  • advice on injury prevention and/or performance optimisation,
  • investigating and monitoring fatigue linked to intensive sporting activity or a drop in performance,
  • monitoring the return to sport and competition.

This is done in close collaboration and coordination with other health and sports specialists.

Musculoskeletal rehabilitation

Patients with chronic musculoskeletal disorders (osteoarthritis, etc.) requiring advice on rehabilitation, sports or leisure activities are also welcome.
The Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Department also provides inpatient care at the Sierre site for patients with acute, chronic or post-operative musculoskeletal disorders.


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