Surgery - Traumatology - Intensive care - Urology

  • IPS intensive care unit


    The intensive care unit receives people with various diagnoses, for example after major surgery, accidents or serious diseases of the internal organs. These people require intensive monitoring. The work is carried out in close collaboration with the medical and nursing staff. A large part of physiotherapy involves mobilisation, positioning and respiratory therapy for both awake and comatose patients.

  • Surgery / Traumatology


    In surgery, patients are treated after an elective operation on the visceral or musculoskeletal system, or after an accident. The aim is to enable patients to regain their independence as quickly as possible. An important part of physiotherapy is the adaptation and instruction of an appropriate walking aid, if required. In addition, a home programme is provided, which includes exercises that can be performed independently after discharge. 

  • Urology


    Physiotherapy in urology includes pelvic floor rehabilitation following urological surgery.