MSK-Neurology Rehabilitation

The rehabilitation department treats people of all ages suffering from neurological or musculoskeletal problems (problems of the musculoskeletal system).
The physiotherapeutic objective is individually adapted to each person and discussed together.

Often, the aim is to improve walking ability, balance, strength or endurance, so that the patient can return home as quickly as possible.
We offer both individual and group therapies. A tailored home programme is drawn up and delivered.

An important part of physiotherapy is, where necessary, the adaptation and instruction of an appropriate walking aid. This should increase safety and prevent possible falls, while optimally stimulating existing resources.

During rehabilitation, the emphasis is on multi-professional treatment, with occupational therapists, speech therapists and dieticians involved as required.

Several times a year, the rehabilitation department offers "Multimodal Pain Therapy (MPT)". This therapy is aimed at people who have been suffering from chronic pain for more than three months and for whom previous treatment has not produced sufficient results.