Outpatient rehabilitation

  • Cardiac rehabilitation


    Outpatient cardiac rehabilitation is aimed at people who have suffered a cardiac event. During phase 2, patients undergo physiotherapy training three times a week for three months. The programme includes endurance and strength training, gymnastics, hydrotherapy, walking and relaxation. Lectures of various kinds are also offered (nutrition, psychology, doctors).

    After phase 2, you can move on to phase 3, known as the cardiac maintenance group. This takes place once a week throughout the year and is aimed at people who wish to continue their active lifestyle after rehabilitation within a group.

  • OnkoReha


    The physiotherapy group at OnkoReha is part of a multi-professional rehabilitation programme. This includes yoga, nutritional advice, psycho-oncology and social counselling. Cancer patients are cared for by OnkoReha coordinators, who work with them to draw up a tailored programme. Onco-rehabilitation can be carried out before, during or after cancer treatment, and lasts for 12 weeks. The physiotherapy group focuses on improving strength, endurance and balance, as well as reducing fatigue.

    Confidence in one's own body also needs to be reinforced. There is a regular exchange between the different disciplines.

  • GLA:D ® Back and osteoarthritis


    GLA:D® is a certified programme for the treatment of back pain and osteoarthritis. It is made up of group and individual therapies, plus a well-educated home programme, and lasts around 3 months.

  • Individual outpatient therapy

    Individual outpatient therapy is used to treat people suffering from a variety of disorders. The prerequisite is an outpatient prescription from a doctor.
    The aim of the therapy is to encourage people to draw on their resources, and to accompany and support them in their healing process. This can be achieved through both passive and active measures.

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  • Outpatient MTT therapy (with 3-month MTT prescription)


    To regain optimal strength, it is important to attend medical training therapy on a regular basis. Exercises are performed on weight-training equipment. Outpatient MTT therapy includes an introduction by qualified physiotherapists and a follow-up appointment. Patients then train independently.