Geriatric rehabilitation

  • Geriatric rehabilitation


    Geriatric rehabilitation mainly treats elderly people who have previously been hospitalised. This can be for a variety of reasons: a fall, fractures, pneumonia, heart problems and many others.

    The physiotherapeutic objective is individually adapted to each person and discussed together. Often, the aim is to improve walking ability, balance, strength or endurance, so that the patient can return home as quickly as possible.

    We offer both individual and group therapies. Where possible, an adapted home programme is provided.

    An important part of physiotherapy is, where necessary, the adaptation and instruction of an appropriate walking aid. This should increase safety and prevent falls, while optimally stimulating existing resources.

    In geriatric rehabilitation, the emphasis is on multi-professional treatment, so occupational therapy, speech therapy or dietetics are involved as required.

  • Palliative care


    The palliative care unit cares for people suffering from progressive and life-threatening illnesses.

    The aim is always to maintain or improve quality of life. Patients' wishes are taken into account and discussed within a multi-professional team.

    The therapeutic focus may be on improving mobility and breathing, or relieving pain.