Your Child’s Stay

The Paediatric Department provides comprehensive care for children and their families. Your child’s healthcare needs will be determined as soon as he/she is admitted to the department, and will be re-evaluated during his/her stay. We are very aware that pain is a crucial issue, and have developed several techniques aimed at providing care in the least painful way possible.

Our doctors will regularly update you on your child’s condition. And you are welcome to attend the daily medical visit (between 09:30 and 11:30). If it is not possible for you to attend, we can organise a meeting at another time.

As a rule, your child should be cared for by the same nurse, until he/she has some time off. He/she will act as the intermediary between you and the doctors.

Comforters, Meals and Night-times

In order to ensure that your child feels as comfortable as possible in his/her new environment, we recommend that you bring his/her favourite belongings (game, favourite toy, comforter…).

We encourage you to stay by his/her side all the time, including when care is being provided. If you are not available, a person of your choice may take your place; in this case, please inform the nurse of this person’s identity.

An armchair or camp bed can be provided if you wish to spend the night with your child.

You may also have your meals together. You may order these from the nurse. You may also use the hospital cafeteria.

Please always let us know when you will next be visiting. This will allow the nurse to organise your child’s care around your arrival, and to include you in this process.

For other visitors, visiting hours are the same as for the rest of the hospital, i.e. from 13:00 to 16:00 and from 18:30 to 20:00.

Unwanted Visits

If you wish to ensure that certain individuals do not visit your child, please tell the nurse. Please also tell the nurse if you agree to certain individuals going to the cafeteria with your child in your absence.


Entertainment and Life in the Paediatric Department

We organise fun activities to distract your child. Even if he/she is feeling unwell, he/she is likely to benefit from them.

  • The Doctor Dream from the ‘Théodora’ foundation visits the children staying in the hospital every Thursday afternoon.
  • Nurses from the ‘Chariot Magique’ regularly come by to play with your child, and the date of their next visit is indicated on a sign posted at the entrance to the department.
  • The ‘Pinceaux magiques’ organisation organises silk painting activities for children suffering from chronic conditions who have to stay in hospital for a prolonged period of time.

Several other entertaining activities are available: TV, laptops, games, table football.

Educational Support

A teacher can provide educational services during your child’s stay. The nurse will be in contact with her. If your child is out of school for a prolonged period (over 15 days), she can also visit your child at home.
You may contact her at +41 79 505 78 61.