Intermediate Care

Valais Hospital has an Intermediate Care Unit at its sites in Brig, Sion and Martigny. This department is adapted to the local, medical and operational possibilities, requirements and features of the site. Intermediate Care acts as a link between a normal hospital department and intensive care. 

Patients are treated in Intermediate Care where there is a threat to the vital organs such as the brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, intestine or liver or after undergoing a major surgical procedure. Patients requiring intensive monitoring are also treated here. The staff ratio is therefore significantly higher in Intermediate Care than in a normal department. This ensures that patients can be closely monitored. 
Specially trained nursing staff are employed in Intermediate Care to look after and monitor patients. In this way, the specific requirements of every monitored patient can be met. The Intermediate Care unit is equipped with high-tech facilities (for monitoring vital functions, arterial access, high-flow therapy and various intravenous infusions). 
Consistent, high quality patient care is guaranteed through an interdisciplinary approach. The care team includes nurses, internal specialists, physiotherapists, pharmacists, surgeons, radiologists, psychiatrists and pastors. 

Preservation of patient dignity is a key priority for the Intermediate Care Team. And the social aspect plays a big part too. The treatment team strive to maintain good and open relations with the families of those affected.