Haut-Valais General Surgery Visp

General surgery is the medical speciality which deals with diagnosing and treating a wide range of conditions and wounds.

This speciality acts as a ‘turntable’, bringing together basic training as well as the hospital’s numerous surgical activities.

The catalogue of services provided by general surgeons includes operations on the thyroid, on the abdominal organs (gall bladder, stomach, intestinal, colonic and rectal imaging), in the blood vessels (including varicose veins), but also interventions in relation to injuries and to their consequences for the musculoskeletal system (bones, torn tendons or reconstruction of the ligament, lesions affecting soft tissue and common reflections).
Most general surgeons are trained in one or more specialities, such as visceral, thoracic or vascular surgery, and traumatology.

The general surgery departments are well-respected in Switzerland, and also play an active role in training future doctors. Valais Hospital’s surgical specialists and several of its surgeons are involved in university teaching.