Breast Clinic

Breast Centre of the Hospital centre Oberwallis (SZO)

Breast Centre of the Hospital centre Oberwallis (SZO)

Interdisciplinary treatment and care of breast disease

Women suffering from breast diseases can be diagnosed, treated and cared for optimally in Hospital centre Oberwallis. The interdisciplinary team provides fast and high-quality care and treatment. For more complex situations, we work closely with the Breast Centre of the University Hospital for Women in Bern.

Psychological support for women and their families is also part of the care.

Who are we?

  • An interdisciplinary team of experts with training in the care and treatment of women with benign and malignant breast diseases.
  • We work at both sites (Brig, Visp) of the Hospital centre Oberwallis (SZO).
  • We work closely with the departments of pathology, plastic surgery and radiotherapy, as well as with gynaecologists, radiologists and general practitioners in the region.
  • Our work is based on the standardised national and international guidelines plus our own collected data for quality control.
  • We are members of the Breast Centre of the University Hospital for Women in Bern.
  • All test results and the therapy plan for breast cancer patients are regularly discussed at the interdisciplinary tumour symposium.

Who can contact us

Patients and doctors:

  • Breast-related diagnoses or symptoms
  • Suspicious mammography (screening)
  • Already diagnosed breast cancer
  • Second opinion
  • Advices

Family of breast cancer patients

  • Medical advice and psychological counseling

Our offer in the SZO

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  • Gynaecology
    • Clinical evaluation, mammography, tissue sampling for diagnosis: biopsies, fine needle punctures
    • Surgical therapy for breast cancer in collaboration with the department of plastic surgery in Sierre
    • Follow-up after breast cancer
  • Radiology
    • Digital Mammography
    • High resolution mammography
    • Magnetic resonance breast examination
    • X-ray guided tissue sampling: puncture biopsy, excisional biopsy, puncture
  • Oncology
    • Chemotherapy, hormones, antibodies
    • Innovative therapies in study protocols
    • Complex relapse therapies
    • Genetic counseling
    • Consultation with Radiation Oncology
    • Psychological counseling
    • Palliative care

Care team

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  • Dr. med. Silke Johann
  • Mesli Seferi

Phone: 027 604 23 88

  • Inge Berchtold
  • Stefanie Schnydrig-Fux

Phone: 027 604 23 88

  • Dr. med. Reinhard Zenhäusern
  • Dr. med. Catherine Mengis Bay

Phone : 027 604 36 60

  • Dr. Sandra Sieber
  • Lic. phil. Paul Weber

Phone: 027 604 36 50

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  • Dr. med. Drazen Sramek

Téléphone: 027 604 21 60

Organisationof the care service

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