The Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation Department

Nursing Team

The nursing team of the Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation Department of the CHVR is represented on the Sion, Sierre and Martigny sites. It consists of one departmental matron, three team matrons, specialist anaesthetic nurses, nurses undergoing training in anaesthetics, specialist recovery room nurses, anaesthetic assistants, and specialist analgesic nurses: this comes to a total of around 55 full time positions covering an extremely wide range of activities. These healthcare professionals work under the responsibility of the anaesthetists. Autonomy and close cooperation are the key drivers of the relationships between these doctors and nurses.

General Organisational Information

Depending on the site where it takes place, the activity may be elective, involving surgical specialities that are specific to the site, or a mixed surgical activity (elective and emergency).
Working hours have been tailored to the characteristics of the various sites: regular working hours on weekdays (no on-call teams) or working hours in shifts 24 hours a day.
Upon request, but on a voluntary basis, employees rotate between the different sites, which allows them to develop a great deal of professional versatility.
Nursing employees are governed by a collective agreement regulating their working conditions.