Department of Anaesthesiology of the Martigny Hospital

Our anaesthesia team welcomes you to the Martigny site.

The Martigny operating block specialises in the treatment of traumatic and degenerative conditions of the adult musculoskeletal system. Orthopaedic surgery is organised by area of expertise (shoulder/knee/foot and hip) and offers state-of-the-art services for both elective (scheduled) cases and emergencies. It has 4 operating theatres, which operate on weekdays. At night and weekends, anaesthesia is provided by the team on duty at the Sion site. 

We also offer outpatient ophthalmology, ENT and gynaecology services. Since 2019, we have been supporting our psychiatry colleagues in the management of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT).

The anaesthesia team at Martigny is made up of anaesthetists, anaesthesia nurses and recovery room nurses. Your comfort and safety are our main concerns.

Our primary objective is to offer each of you a tailor-made anaesthetic adapted not only to the surgery but also to your own needs.

Depending on the context, we will offer you a so-called loco-regional anaesthetic (where only the operated area is selectively put to sleep), a general anaesthetic or a combination of the two. Together, during the pre-anaesthetic consultation, we will discuss and decide on the best anaesthetic strategy for you.

Teamwork is an essential value at the Martigny site. We are committed to working with the surgical teams, instrument technicians and ward assistants, our colleagues on the floor and physiotherapy to offer you coherent, coordinated care. Pooling everyone's expertise to serve you is our driving force.

The anaesthesia team at Martigny also offers 2 x/week (Tuesday and Friday) the possibility for HVS patients, as well as outpatients, to insert long-term venous catheters (PICC-line or mid-line type) under ultrasound control.

The anaesthetics team and the entire operating block team look forward to putting all their skills at your disposal to make your hospital stay as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.

On Martigny Site Contact

Most operations at the Martigny site are carried out on patients from the orthopaedic department and on a few gynaecological and ENT surgery cases, most of which are elective. Patients who are to be operated on are first seen at our on-site Pre-Operation Evaluation Unit (‘unité d’évaluation préopératoire’, UEP). This is an opportunity to communicate with the anaesthetist, ideally a few days before the operation is scheduled, so that the patients can be precisely informed and give their enlightened consent.

A good number of interventions are carried out in the outpatient clinic, using an anaesthetic technique that is appropriate for this. Our site also handles some acute emergencies during opening hours, as well as sub-acute traumatology cases.

At nights, on the weekends and on bank holidays, on-call anaesthesia is provided by the on-call team at Sion Hospital, which is staffed by part of the Martigny medico-nursing team.

We have developed our skills in the field of locoregional anaesthesia that is tailored to orthopaedic surgery, in the form of peripheral nerve blocks, which are particularly useful in treating post-surgical pain.

Finally, patients requiring intensive post-surgical care are not operated on at our site, but instead are redirected to Sion.

The medical anaesthesiology team at the Martigny site is also responsible for the chronic analgesia service. This service carries out around 1,200 consultations every year, mainly focussed on treating chronic pain.

Thank you for your interest, and may we wish you the best possible stay and a fast recovery.