The 'Dr Emmanuelle de Wolff & Kiwanis' flat

The 'Dr Emmanuelle de Wolff & Kiwanis' flatFor the parents of children in Sion hospital

The 'Dr Emmanuelle de Wolff & Kiwanis' flat provides reasonably-priced temporary accommodation for parents travelling from a great distance whose child is staying at the Sion Hospital. 

Parents are provided with a comfortable space which is located just 7 minutes’ walking distance from the Sion Hospital, to sleep, prepare meals and, above all, be close to their child. The flat is also a place for sharing and be connected to other parents in a similar situation. Each bedroom has a private bathroom. The living room and kitchen are shared spaces. 

Our objective is to provide sick children with the ability to have their parents, brothers and sisters at their side during the treatment period and/or hospitalisation because we truly believe that medical treatments are more efficient when a child is surrounded by his or her family. 

Parents who wish to stay in the flat are admitted only upon recommendation of the Paediatrics Department of the Sion Hospital. The duration of their stay is determined based on the length of their child's hospital stay. 

The Paediatrics Department will provide you with an envelope containing: 

  • the 'Identity – Flat for the parents of children in hospital' form;
  • the 'Dr Emmanuelle de Wolff & Kiwanis' flat guide
  • electronic passkeys to access the flat;
  • the pass to access the Sion Hospital car park (if requested);
  • Acsess map.

You will be asked to sign a document confirming the receipt of this envelope. 

Your stay in the flat will end on the day that your child is discharged from the hospital. Please deposit the electronic passkeys and the parking pass to the main reception of the Sion Hospital. 
On the back of this document, you will find the telephone numbers you may need in case of any questions or problems during your stay.

The flat does not have a designated parking space for your personal vehicle. Restricted parking zones are available in the neigbourhood. 

There is a fee for parking at the hospital.

If you wish, you may receive a parking access pass upon your admission, which will allow you to park your car at a preferential rate of 2.50 CHF per day during your stay (see page 11 – Renting a room with parking at the Sion Hospital). 




'Athéna' building, Route de Préjeux 50, 1950 Sion 
'Dr Emmanuelle de Wolff & Kiwanis' flat, on the 2nd floor 
The flat is only 7-minutes' walking distance from the Sion Hospital. 

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