Traumatology Department Surgery Clinic (SZO)

The Traumatology Department, which is sometimes referred to as emergency surgery, is your trusted partner for any injuries or accidents, whether you are a patient or a referring physician.

Every year we look after around 7500 patients (inpatients and outpatients) from every age group, from infants to the elderly, and we treat everything from minor cuts and bruises to lesions on internal organs and life-threatening major or multiple injuries.

The focus is naturally on the musculoskeletal system with bone and joint fractures. Due to our geographical location, the number of mountain and winter sport related injuries that we treat is significantly above the Swiss average.

That is why we always have a specialised and experienced emergency surgeon on site who has had specialist training. And that is the case 365 days a year.

Our range of treatments includes the entire spectrum of conservative and operative treatment methods, from a straightforward plaster cast to setting fractures with screws and plates or arthroplasty.

We always choose the best ‘personalised’ procedure that is most appropriate for the individual in consultation with the patient. Should an operation be necessary, we use gentle, minimally invasive or arthroscopic procedures.

Not only does this improve the cosmetic outcome of the surgery but it can also reduce recovery time so that the accident and its effects can be forgotten about as quickly as possible.

For sports injuries we offer dedicated specialist consultations for sport traumatology.

Patients with a fracture caused by osteoporosis will receive an osteoporosis work-up and therapy, all in consultation with an interprofessional treatment team and your general practitioner.


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